Kanjana Gems’ products are made of freshwater pearls and Sterling silver from Thailand. Each one is unique, carefully selected from what nature gives us. 

The cultivated pearls come from molluscs in Southern China and have been perfected with Sterling silver into beautiful jewellery by our skilled Thai craftsmen for you to wear every day at home, school, work and during celebration or party.

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Semi-precious stones are purchased from traders here in Bangkok. Rest assures, Kanjana Gems always try selecting suppliers that adhere to sustainability.

Bangkok is a very convenient place for jewellery manufacturing selecting among the many local jewellery suppliers operating in the city. They offer gemstones, pearls, and silver handcraft. I have everything needed to make different kinds of jewellery for You, my customer!

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There is even a chance to source some yourself. For instance, many times I’ve picked mother of pearl from this beach in Sam Roi Yot, Prachuap Khiri Khan province. Just for beautiful pictures to show my customers, then release them back to nature.

However, we currently don’t have products that made of Mother of pearls yet

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