KANJANA GEMS” is the jewellery brand of ABD Trading, a private proprietary company (“Shop”) registered in Thailand.

Kanjana is the founder’s given name, which means “Gold” in Thai.

Kanjana Gems’ jewelry is mainly made from silver and pearls.

The Siamese fighting fish, Betta Splendens, symbolizes Thailand.


Kanjana has always loved design and pearls since her early age. When her husband gave a beautiful pair of pearl earring from Mikimoto then an idea came to life; why not make more affordable pearl jewelry allowing any women to wear them.

That was one of the reasons Kanjana started ABD Trading in 2015, in parallel studying international marketing, graduating in 2018 with a B.B.A. (Marketing) from Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok.

In the beginning finished products were sourced in Bangkok based on a friend’s introduction to some trusted suppliers in town. Gradually Kanjana Gems started designing products letting local craftsmen producing them.

A lot of Kanjana’s design is inspired by the beautiful nature here in Thailand.

In 2020 Kanjana attended jewelry making school in Chiang Mai to also handmake her own limited series of jewelry.


You could say that I’m lucky to live in Bangkok, because there is an abundance of craftsmen and small shops operating in the city supplying parts or complete jewellery. There are also Chinese traders with all types of pearls. Other traders offer precious or semi-precious gemstones from around Southeast & South Asia. There are also silver mines in the northern parts of the country. Thus, I have everything I need to make beautiful jewelry.

On one of the beaches in Sam Roi Yot, Prachuap Khiri Khan province, you may even find mother of pearl by yourself. There are usually a lot of these beautiful thin shells on the beach.


In 2017 Kanjana Gems started a special line for horse lovers and even for horses. This after been inspired when visiting my sister- and brother-in-law in Sweden at their horse farm. In Thailand we don’t have so many horses and I had never been closed to one before. It was love at first sight!

The positive encounter got me thinking what kind of products for horses and for people who love horses that I could develop. It resulted in jewelry products for both the animal and for people:

  • Leather headband for horses, decorated with freshwater pearls.
  • Sterling silver bracelets and necklaces in “horse style” for horse lovers. I took the inspiration from chaplets & stirrups and bridles & bits. Please you could take a look at “HORSE LOVER’S PRODUCTS” for more information.
Kanjana Gems has an outstanding leather supplier with skilled people making beautiful handcrafted high-quality headbands for horse.
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