Kanjana Gems – The Origin

The origin of the design is mainly our own. Some are from local craftsmen. It is what Kanjana Gems’ logo symbolizes, our local origin in Thailand and where it all started from, pearls. Kanjana Gems’ logo depicts two Siamese fighting fishes (Betta Splendens, Thailand’s National Aquatic Animal) and three pearls. Our jewellery also has semi – precious gemstones and sterling silver with or without rhodium plating .

The handmade Thai – silk boxes and handmade paper used fo r our bags are all produced in the outskirts of Bangkok. This is what makes a Kanjana Gem, and it all comes from our part of the World – Southeast Asia, China, and India

Jewelry for People

KANJANA GEMS/ limited series of jewelry for people in sterling silver, with freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones as well as for horse lovers and horses.

Jewelry for Horses

KANJANA GEMS offer products to make your horse and yourself to stand-out.